JDRF Challenges the Public During National Diabetes Awareness Month

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November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and November 14 marks World Diabetes Day. To raise awareness locally, the Carnegie Science Center’s E-Motion cone, the Highmark building, the Wyndham Hotel and the Gulf Tower will all be lit in blue on November 14. We are also asking local businesses to support World Diabetes Day by having jeans days or other fundraisers to benefit JDRF.

To show support throughout the month, JDRF invites people to step into the shoes of someone with type 1 diabetes (T1D) by participating in its T1D for a Day challenge, a free text message campaign presented by Lilly Diabetes.* By texting T1D4aDay to 63566 any time now through November 30, participants of T1D for a Day will be led through 24 hours of virtual T1D, gaining a deeper understanding of the constant vigilance required to manage this disease, which affects as many as three million Americans.

This year’s challenge will be hosted by JDRF celebrity advocate and professional snowboarder Sean Busby, who has lived with T1D for nine years. Text messages delivered from Mr. Busby to participants over the course of a day will offer a close look into his life with T1D, as he explains in real-time the various activities of his day, how they affect his blood sugar, and the measures he must take to stay safe and healthy.

“Taking care of type 1 diabetes every day is hard work, but most people don’t realize how hard,” says Mr. Busby. “By taking the challenge, you will experience for one day what many people live with every day. You’ll learn how complicated life with type 1 diabetes is and understand the urgent need for a cure.” This year’s T1D for a Day challenge is made possible by Lilly Diabetes, a supporter of several JDRF programs for more than 15 years. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of T1D and generate support for JDRF’s mission, including advocacy goals.

“On behalf of JDRF and the millions of people that live with type 1 diabetes, I’d like to thank Lilly Diabetes, Sean Busby, and all who participate in helping JDRF raise awareness for people with type 1 diabetes,” says Cynthia Rice, JDRF’s senior vice president of advocacy and policy. “Through this eye-opening challenge, JDRF hopes to inspire more people to become a part of our family of advocates, who are paramount in making sure initiatives like the Special Diabetes Program continue to fund critical diabetes research. Congressional renewal of the Special Diabetes Program is essential to avoid the slowing or stopping of patient clinical trials that have the potential to improve millions of lives.”

To Become an Advocate: To become a JDRF advocate or learn more about the Special Diabetes Program (SDP), visit advocacy.jdrf.org.

* Participation in T1D for a Day is free of charge. (You may receive up to 45 messages.) Message and data rates may apply. Text Stop to 63566 to unsubscribe. Text Help to 63566 for help. Mobile terms and conditions at www.protexting.com/T1D4ADAY.html.