Do you want to raise money for JDRF but don’t want to participate in one the the standard JDRF events? Well then Team JDRF is for you! You can create your and organize your own event with the help of the Team JDRF website.

Go to to get started today!

Holding a Team JDRF Event is easy!  Follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Pick your passion.  What do you like to do?  Are you a super spinner?  A bold bowler?  A cookie connoisseur?  Put your talents to work for the cure.  (Descriptions of popular programs to help get you started thinking about the event that’s right for you, including estimated time commitments can be found at the Community Events page on
  2. Set the date.  Talk to friends and family about your event, and figure out the best time to pull it off.  Whatever works for you!
  3. Tell us about it.  Register your event using any of the buttons.
    Be sure and check out our “resources” tab for cool tools to help you get started.
  4. Hold your event! Have a great time and feel great about helping JDRF get closer to a cure for millions of people.
  5. Send in the proceeds.  We provide a simple worksheet for you to capture your results and send in along with the money raised.  Online fundraising events are even easier—no money to collect! (request your UPS envelope and worksheet at