Diagnosed…Now What?

A new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes can spark a range of reactions, including anger, sadness, and guilt. Whatever your feelings, they are normal, and you are not alone.

Life with diabetes poses challenges for every member of the family. Whether you have diabetes yourself, or are the parent or loved one of a person with diabetes, it takes time to adapt to the day-to-day demands of the disease. But treatment options are improving all the time, and diabetes will not prevent you or your child or loved one from living a full and active life.

Until there is a cure, we want to provide information that will help you cope with the challenges diabetes imposes, take advantage of help that is available right now, and keep you and your loved ones as strong and healthy as possible.

– Our free Bag of Hope program for newly diagnosed children and teens provides a care package with invaluable tools and great information to help families learn more about day-to-day living with diabetes.

– The Western Pennsylvania Chapter’s Mentor Program was formed by parents living with type 1 diabetes to help parents with a newly diagnosed child or adolescent cope with this new way of living.

– Our Outreach Events are a great way for Parents to connect with other Parentsand Kids to connect with other Kids. Go to our Connections Page forcurrent events.

– For those who want to jump in with both feet and are looking for a way to put an end to this disease, check out our Fundraising Events – Walk, Gala, Golf, etc. Click on our Events Calender for current events.

JDRF’s Online Diabetes Support Team is a nationwide group of volunteers, many of whom have loved ones with diabetes or who have diabetes themselves, working with staff to provide one-to-one support, a sympathetic ear, and some practical suggestions to families affected by diabetes.

Become a member of JDRF, you will receive our award-winning quarterly magazine Countdown, which offers in-depth analysis about cutting-edge research and new treatment, and also features poignant stories from some of the more than 1 million people who have type 1 diabetes and their families. There is also a Countdown for Kids section included in every issue which delivers important lifestyle management information and support for children with diabetes in language that is sensitive, clear, and easy to understand.

– Visit JDRF’s Kids Online website.This website was specially designed to provide children and teens with diabetes the help and support they need.On this website, children with diabetes will find answers to their questions, tips for day-to-day diabetes management, information about the search for a cure, and ways to be more involved in the diabetes community.The site also provides kids with an outlet to share their personal experiences through art, pen pal letters, and Kids Say polls.

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