Upcoming Outreach Events

Support Coffees

Our parent support coffees are an opportunity for parents of children with T1D to get educated, socialize, and give and receive support from similarly situated individuals.  We hope you will join us to discuss your challenges and concerns, and to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Additionally, we are always looking for volunteers to host a support coffee.  Western Pennsylvania is a large territory, so the more coffee hosts we have, the better!  Please call Gillian McTiernan at 412-471-1414 x2 or gmctiernan@jdrf.org to schedule a Support Coffee in your neighborhood.

Adult Type 1 Tool Kit

Recent studies show that 85 percent of all people living with T1D are adults, and more and more people over the age of 18 are being diagnosed with T1D every day.  Of course, we also know that children with T1D grow up to be adults with T1D.  The Adult Type 1 toolkit is a wonderful resource for both newly diagnosed adults and adults who have been living with T1D for an extended time.

To request the Adult Type 1 Toolkit, please click here.


Adult Type 1 Diabetes Group

The Adult T1D Group provides an opportunity for adults living with T1D to network, receive support from others who face similar challenges in this life stage, and continue to be educated on diabetes management.  The Adult T1D Group events include a variety of social gatherings, a lunch and learn series, and much more.

Please contact Gillian McTiernan at 412-471-1414 x2 or gmctiernan@jdrf.org for questions or concerns regarding JDRF Western PA Chapter Outreach.
Check back regularly for details of new outreach events and opportunities.

Would you like to participate in important T1D research?


TrialNet is a network of 18 Clinical Centers working in cooperation with screening sites throughout the US, Canada, Finland, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. This network is dedicated to the study, prevention, and early treatment of type 1 diabetes. TrialNet is supported by the United States National Instititues of Health and Department of Health & Human Services, JDRF, and the American Diabetes Association. see http://www.diabetestrialnet.org/ for more information.

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is a participating Clinical Center. If you are interested in finding out if you or someone you care for may be eligible for a TrialNet Study please contact Karen Riley at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh 412-692-5210 or karen.riley@chp.edu.

Clinical Trials Connection

Never before has JDRF been funding as many human clinical trials as it is today: more than 40 compared with just six some five years ago. That dramatic increase, and the overall progress in diabetes research, makes it harder for people with diabetes to keep up-to-date on what trials are available, and to make decisions on whether or not to participate in a study.

So to help people with diabetes and their families better understand the clinical trial landscape, and give them the information they need to make a decision about taking an active role in the search for a cure, JDRF has launched Clinical Trials Connection, at www.trials.jdrf.org.

It’s an online tool that provides information about and access to clinical trials – both JDRF-funded and others. Through this web site, people can provide criteria like the type of trial they are interested in, how long they have had diabetes, and how far they’d be willing to travel, and the site will let them know about studies that match those characteristics. Clinical Trials Connection can help them search for trials, compare one trial with another, and update them on new trials that might match their interest. Plus, the service provides contact information for the researchers conducting the trial, so people interested in trials can contact them directly for more information, after discussing options with their healthcare provider.

All information provided through Clinical Trials Connection to connect people with information about trials will be kept in the strictest confidence. To be an active part of research leading to a cure, or just to get more information about clinical trials, visit JDRF’s Clinical Trials Connection at www.trials.jdrf.org.

For more information on any of the Western PA Outreach efforts, please contact Gillian McTiernan at 412-471-1414 x2 or gmctiernan@jdrf.org.